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Thanks for your interest in joining the AAEA. Please fill out the following form and we will review your application and contact you shortly. Please note AAEA membership is currently only open to either US citizen or Permanent Resident. AAEA's mission is to provide a support network for Asian Americans to start and grow businesses and create jobs in the US, and to become an influential group of Asian-Americans Entrepreneurs to address issues that they are targeted for adverse treatment due to their ethnicities.

All Asian-American entrepreneurs who are US citizens or permanent residents, by completing and submitting this form declare that you are interested in joining AAEA and agree on the following statement:

AAEA is committed to creating jobs and promoting science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship for Asian-American business in the United States. All members whether individuals or businesses of any size or history should have no criminal record or violation of American laws. AAEA is a non-profit organization with no political party affiliations or political positions, and stands for ethnic equality, justice, and fairness of Asian-American rights in the Unites States.

AAEA membership now available to non-Asian. Welcome everyone become an AAEA member.

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